Weddings and Special Occasions


What a great time to hold on to those amazing moments even more by having recordings of the people who were part of your most cherished day to be.  From your crazy and fun bridal party to members of your family, who 10 years down the road may be no longer with us.  Candid and sweet stories can be played while you sit down to eat at your reception or a sweet vow of love from your future spouse can be played during your first dance together as a married couple.  The possibilities are yours to choose.

Family and Friend Memories


Say you have an amazing photo that you've held onto for all these years of a favorite relative; a wise grandpa or uncle in the military active duty.  Thats great if you have that cherished and very important photo.  What would be WONDERFUL is to have a story or a memory to bring you back to the moment that picture was taken in the voice of the person or people in the picture especially if they are no longer with us and you just have that need to hear their voice again.

Memorial Services


Honor the memory of your loved one, and hold on to those memories forever by sharing stories that will commemorate and also bring laughter.  Sometimes it is possible to think ahead and have the voices of the elders in your family record stories to pass down long after they are gone.  These are memories etched in time forever.

Family Memoirs


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